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Hills District Sydney

Analysis of your lawn condition will help us to determine the appropriate steps to get your lawn looking great again! There are many ways to remedy different lawn problems. 

Weed Treatments 

Weeds can grow out of control and become a great hassle to the appearance of a quality lawn. In addition to looking ugly, weeds can take away moisture and nutrients from the exisiting turf. Hills Lawn Care can eradicate weeds in your lawn with regular weed control practice. 

Preventative steps to keep a lawn weed-free include proper mowing, watering and fertilising practices. For example, crabgrass often pops up in lawns that are mowed too short. Mowing should be done consistently. The grass must be taller than weeds to block the weeds from the sun and prevent them from growing. An outbreak of clover is usually due to a lack of nitrogen in the soil, so the proper application of a nitrogen balanced fertiliser, along with consistent watering, will help eliminate the clover. 

Hills Lawn Care can provide a regular weed and feed treatment that will have your lawn weed free when applied every 3 months. This is a specialised application that is specific to fix problem weeds!

Before our lawn treatments

Lawn was dry and sparse in areas before treatment

After our lawn treatments

Lawn has been rejuvenated using slow release fertiliser. Weed treatment has worked to eradicate weeds in the long term.

Healthy lawn after treatments

Hills Lawn Care can help you to have a lawn just like this!

Healthy lawn after treatments

It is important to have lawns cut regularly to maintain a weed free lawn

Healthy lawn after treatments

Lush green grass after weed and fertlising treatment

This is a process that we use to aerate the soil beneath your lawn. Aeration your soil is a great way to improve soil structure and get air down to the roots. Lawn roots need air too. In heavy traffic areas soil becomes compacted and roots struggle to spread and grow. Regular aeration will loosen the soil and solve this problem. 

Hills Lawn Care can service large areas, including commercial and acreage lawns. Please visit our link to read more about aeration: 


  • Transformation of yellowing grasses into lush dark green foliage
  • Healthier grass over winter months
  • Ensures correct nutrient balance for best growth

Don’t run the risk of over fertilising your lawn and or fertilising at the wrong time of year, all you will be feeding is the weeds.

Hills Lawn Care can arrange to fertilise your lawns when needed regularly throughout the year. We know when the right time of year to fertilise is for both warm season and cool season grasses. Fertilising at the right times will ensure your grass will last the cooler months and it will reduce the amount of weeds growing when combined with regular mowing and watering.

Additionally, Hills Lawn Care uses only a commercially available fertiliser that has the correct balance of nutrients. This will have your lawn looking like a golfing range within no time (given proper watering). Using a cheaper alternative gives you noticeably poorer results for a shorter amount of time.