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Hills District Sydney

These are approximate residential prices

(price may vary up or down for lawn size)

Please call us for a more personalised price. 

For acreage weeding and fertilising treatments, these vary with size of the lawn. Please call us to arrange a quote. 

We do provide natural solutions for weed treatments but these are more costly and we prefer to promote natural health of the lawn over chemical application where possible. 

0403 774 045


We, at Hills Lawn Care absolutely guarantee results if you promise to ensure proper maintenance and care of your lawn. How do you do this you ask? Below are some guidelines to keeping your lawn in tip top shape.


By taking on our service of regular mowing, this can be the best thing for keeping your lawn consistently growing and healthy. We recommend weekly or no longer then fortnightly in the warmer season and 3 to 4 weekly in the cooler season. Regular mowing encourages the lawn to proliferate putting stress back into the roots to grow back healthier, lusher and green.

N.B.Hills Lawn Care can take care of your mowing and edging needs, so that you can be sure that your Weed/Fertilising and Super Green treatments will be working to their maximum potential!

Facts on Fertilising, by Hills Lawn Care:

Want a lush looking lawn? Tried the fertilisers available in stores and have not had great success?

Too much fertiliser, especially with high levels of soluble nitrogen fertiliser can increase thatch problems and leave your lawn more prone to insect and disease. Or, worse yet, you will literally burn your lawn.

The difference with our fertilising application is that it is a commercially available product, carefully balanced and designed to release nutrients over a longer period of time, to ensure a great looking lawn, for longer.

The great advantage is that it does not need to be watered in to prevent burn. The slow-release formula is balanced with the right amount of nutrients.