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Hills District Sydney

Core Aeration

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For lawn that is in reasonable condition, you may not be aware that thatch build up can be underneath the soil and begin to deteriorate the condition of your lawn.

Aeration involves removing plugs of soil from a lawn to improve drainage, water saturation and root growth.Thatch is a layer of living and dead runners, broken down clippings and dead vegetation and organic materials underneath the top layer of grass. Thatch insulates the lawn's roots and prevents loss of water and nutrients, however even with the best lawn care, heavy build up of thatch can occur where the grass roots and runners become heavily compacted and overcrowded. Once there is excessive thatch, problems will occur such as;  

  • The lawn may appear straw-like and feel spongy underfoot
  • Mowing the lawn will become more difficult as the mower cut into the thatch removing the green leaf and revealing the brown thatch layer.
  • As the green leaf is removed, the process of photosynthesis is strained and the lawn begins to starve of nutrients.
  • Lawns such as buffalo are at high risk of thatch build up.

Demonstration of how aeration works

Roots are replenished deep in the soil.

Before and after

Core aeration - plugs of soil being removed

Core plug from lawn to allow aeration